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Biking Pics

Stellar photos of our beginner mountain bike crew!

Parade Pics

Mid-Summer Reminders

With the 4th behind us, summer is in full-swing.  It’s super busy around Mt. CB these days, so amid the hustle and bustle I just wanted to remind everyone of a few key things when you’re packing for your kids for camp.

1) Please remember to pack a lunch and plenty of snacks!  We’re out and about and on the go from 9 til 3: 30, so the kiddos need good, healthy food to fuel them.

2) If your children are doing Ropes, please remember to wear long pants, closed toed shoes (sneakers are good, Keens are not enough coverage), and to bring a long sleeve shirt.

3) If your children are in Sailing, Canoeing, or Rafting, please pack a towel, in addition to a swimsuit and change of clothes.

Check out the full list of What to Bring if you have any other questions!

Join us for the 4th of July Float!

Come out and celebrate with us as part of the very first Mountain Adventures float in the 4th of July Parade!  If you and/or your children want to be a part of this iconic (and super fun) event, here’s all the info:

What: Super Fun & Festive Independence Day Parade Float

When: Wednesday, July 4, meet at 10 a.m.; Parade starts at 11 a.m.

Where: Meet at 821 Sopris in Crested Butte, Parade down Elk Ave.

What to Wear: Mountain Adventures t-shirt, your Shredders jersey, or the most festive July 4 get-up you can find. This is CB, after all so creativity is encouraged!

What to Bring: Your bike, your PFD, your fishing pole, balloons, streamers, noisemakers, musical instruments, water guns, your dog, your friends—whatever you think would make the 4th more festive!

We need kids who are willing to ride bikes, “climb,” “paddle,” carry our banner, hand out stickers, and generally make noise and merriment!  If you’re interested, please drop me a line via email or phone (970/596-3589). That said, if you forget to let me know, just come by Sopris the morning of the 4th.  The more the merrier!

Photos from the Bike Week Festivities

Meet TED this weekend!

There’s a lot going on this weekend.  Regular programming on Friday, Bridges of the Butte on Saturday, plus, the Mt. CB Shredders are making their debut at the Wildflower Rush mountain bike races.  A huge thanks goes out to the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA) for their support of our fledgling team. Special thanks also go to Dragon Sheet Metal and Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven for making these jerseys possible.

This weekend is the first time that the Shredders will meet TED, the 7-foot tall yellow-bellied marmot who is CBMBA’s new mascot.  TED (or, Trail Education Dude), will be presenting brand-spanking new jerseys to the Shredders at the CBMR base area tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.  Join us to meet the Dude and to see the Shredders in their new garb!

Last day to register for the MA Bridges of the Butte team!

Mountain Adventures is putting together a team for the Adaptive Sports Center‘s Bridges of the Butte 24 hour Townie Tour, which is taking place tomorrow, 3 p.m. to Sunday, 3 p.m.  Today is the last day to register!  Register online before 5 p.m. to take part in this awesome event.  If you can’t ride, feel free to pledge!  You can also register by picking up a form at the ASC offices in the Treasury Center or from Laura at the Outpost.  If you’d like to ride, please sign up for a shift by calling or emailing Laura (970/596-3589 or

Join the Mountain Adventures Bridges of the Butte Team!

Mountain Adventures is gathering together a Bridges of the Butte 24-Hour Townie Tour team.  This super fun event involves hundreds of riders on townie bikes making 2.5 mile laps through the beautiful streets of downtown Crested Butte between 3 p.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday (this weekend!) to raise money for the Adaptive Sports Center‘s scholarship program. The Adaptive Sports Center is an amazing organization based in CB that provides opportunities for outdoor adventure activities for people with disabilities.  The ASC hosts Mountain Adventures twice a week for the Ropes Course, and I/we want to take this opportunity to help them.
Join us!  If you want to ride, sign up online at, and list “Mountain Adventures” as your team, and then drop me a line so we can sign you up for a riding shift.  Kids are welcome as well as adults, though we do need some 18+ types to help chaperone kids after 9 p.m.  Riding means you can do 1 lap or 100, 20 minutes or 24 hours.
If you don’t want to ride, feel free to pledge!  You can pledge per lap, per mile, or a flat donation.  I’ve got pledge forms, or you can pledge online. Your pledges are tax-deductible.
I (Laura) will be riding, chaperoning, manning the camp, decorating bikes, feeding kids, etc. so any and all help would be appreciated!

Next Week’s Camp Openings–Plus: Brain Boosters

Our first week of camp is behind us!  Thanks to all the families that joined us this week!  I promise not to send you emails every week, but I wanted to make sure you knew about the Brain Boosters program offered by The Studio at the Trailhead Children’s Museum, with whom we are sharing the Outpost this year.  I also wanted to make one more plug for next week’s programs.  Registrations tend to be slower in June, so it’s a great time to get your child into one more Ropes or Sailing day before summer gets slamming.

Camp Openings

On Monday we still have space in Beginner Climbing and Ropes.  We also have quite a few spots open in Blue Mesa on Tuesday, Rafting on Wednesday, Sailing on Wednesday, and Blue Mesa on Friday.  Finally, if you have a child that’s ready to take their climbing to the next level and work more intensively on skills, we still have openings in Advanced Climbing for Friday.  The following week, we’ve got openings for kids aged 11 – 14 in Canoeing on Monday and Climbing on Thursday.

We’d love to fill up these programs a bit more, so please spread the word, and if you’re interested in registering, contact me or go to the online registration form here.

Brain Boosters

Those of you with us this week have noticed that we’re sharing the Outpost with the Trailhead’s summer children’s programs this year.  They do great things, including “Brain Boosters,” a two-hour after-camp enrichment program that focuses on Literacy, Science, and Math for kids aged 5 – 12.  This program runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3 – 5 p.m. and cost $17 per session.  This is a great option if you need to extend your child’s care after Mountain Adventures is over.  They’ve still got space, so if you’re interested in registering, call 970/349-7160 or visit

If you still need to fill out Mountain Adventures paperwork, you can find the forms here.  Please remember to take care of payment before your child starts camp.

Finally, don’t forget to check What To Bring before you come to your first day of camp!  Thanks!

Mountain Adventures Starts Tomorrow!

Welcome to summer!  Mountain Adventures begins tomorrow, June 11!  The staff is all trained, the weather is beautiful, and we’re so excited to start our summer programs with your children. Here are a few reminders for your first day.

Where We Meet:

We meet at the Outpost Building, located at the CBMR base area.  The Outpost is accessible by car viaTreasury Road, or by the Mountain Express bus service viaMountaineer Square.

When We Meet:

Camp starts at 9 a.m., which means you should have your kids checked in by 9.  The only exception to this is Fly-Fishing on Tuesdays, which meets at 8:30 a.m.

Where/When The Day Finishes:

Your child can be picked up at the 4-way stop in downtown Crested Butte at 3:15, or at the Outpost at 3:30.  The exceptions to this are Fly-Fishing, which is done at 2:15 in CB and 2:30 at the Outpost, or the Ropes Course, which only has a pick-up at the Outpost at 3:30 (since the activity takes place in Mt. Crested Butte).

What to Bring:

  • Sunblock
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Rain jacket
  • Day pack
  • Bag Lunch that they can carry in a backpack
  • Swimsuit, towel, and a change of clothes for Blue Mesa, Rafting, and Canoeing

For Mountain Biking: Bike with gears and hand-brakes, helmet, and closed-toed sneakers are required. Participants also need a lunch that they can carry in their backpack while riding.

For Rock Climbing: Closed-toed sneakers are required; we also have a selection of climbing shoes available.

For Ropes: Closed-toed shoes & long pants are required; long sleeved shirts are highly encouraged. Bug repellent is also recommended.

For Sailing:  Participants must have shoes with clear or white soles, or go barefoot.

  • Shoes with dark soles will not be allowed on the boat.
  • Many tennis shoes have white or clear soles.
  • Crocs are great!
  • Barefoot is okay!



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